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As I type this, I know many people around the world are writing, reading, or pondering the same topic. Most posts like this will probably start out with how I heard the news, so I will follow that trend.

I was just getting on the bus to university this morning when my mom sent me a text message.

Robin Williams had passed away. 

I had a Speaking for Academic Purposes class first thing this morning. At one point, we were talking about world news. The discussion had been quite halting up to that point and not many people were contributing ideas or views. Then, from the back of the class, someone brought up Robin Williams’ passing. Almost rhetorically, my teacher asked, “Why is it that someone who makes other people laugh can suffer from depression?” 

The response was instantaneous. Everyone had their own individual views about why comedians tend to have to deal with depression. Everyone had something to say. I wonder what that means. I wonder why that is. Then again, I don’t really wonder. The amount of people who face depression today is simply startling. How many people sitting in that little classroom were going through the same thing that drove a man known for his comedic abilities to take his own life?

I know from personal experience how the brightest, funniest, most life-affirming people can be so incredibly sad in private. We never really know what’s going on behind the smiles on our acquaintances’ faces. We can’t tell how many of them are just putting up a front.


I think it’s time for me to dig up some old movies of his and rewatch them. A trip down memory lane sounds just about right, now. 





Years ago, I wrote a poem entitled “Regrets” (no, I didn’t plagiarise Kenny Rankin’s song). Looking back on it now, I realize half the things I wrote about then do not matter to me anymore. An unspoken word, a bad test result, an experience I didn’t handle as well as I might have (half of them involve blowing up unexpectedly), a wrong decision.

There comes a time when it’s just the right moment to let things go. I’m not saying forget, of course not. Even things I’ve left in the past aren’t 100% buried in the dust. I do, sometimes, take them out of my memory box and think them through. What made me do that? What were my thoughts at the time? How can I make sure I don’t do something like that again? And if I did, in a blur of insanity, do something similar, what on earth is wrong with me?

But being serious now, there are a million things I could regret if I wanted to. I could, for example, regret my Grade 3 piano exam results (trust me, they weren’t the best) or the fact that I sprained my ankle in the worst way possible back in standard 1.

I could regret some words I’ve let slip out which I didn’t really mean when I wasn’t really thinking about it. I could regret the fact that I listened to some people and decided not to sing when I was younger. I could regret the fact that I’ve been laying off everything else I planned to do for the weekend being so wrapped up on writing this @#$!% blog post. Or I could regret that I didn’t read that book, or watch that movie, or get good marks, or…

The list goes on.

Why do we have to live with regrets? What’s done, is done. And there’s nothing you can do to alter the past (unless you’ve invented a time machine or something) or decide how it’ll affect your future. That’s all out of our hands. Think about it, do we really have time to regret and worry and fret? It isn’t right to dwell on things that have passed, and never get over it.

This is your life. What do you do with you life? You live it. DUH.

Live with no excuses, and love with no regrets. ~ Montel

3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!


Wow, is it just me or has the year just flown by like a concord? It seems like (cliché alert!) just yesterday when we were celebrating the beginning of the end of the decade.

Come to think of it, a lot of unexpected things happened this year, and a lot of things I expected didn’t actually occur the way I thought they would. Everything happens for a reason, right? For some of these things, there didn’t seem to be a reason. But I suppose that’ll all be (magic tinkling, please) revealed sooner or later.

Next year will bring a whole bunch of changes – some friends will be gone, I’ll have to study a lot harder, etc etc. Also, I’ve come up with a bunch of new year’s resolutions…

  1. To get straight A’s in PMR (if that’s not any other Form 3’s resolution, I dunno…)
  2. To be a better person, temper-wise
  3. To take part in some English-related competitions and to get a placing in the chess tournament (I haven’t gotten a good spot in that since I was 12…)
  4. To finish writing my book
  5. To write more songs

And the list goes on. But it’s not as if I’m actually making a list of that stuff. Those are just things I want to do next year. My real resolution is not to worry too much; to ease up and take things as they come. Life is a lot more beautiful than they paint it to be. It took me years and years to realize that.

So, for now, I look forward to 2011. The year really ended with a bang for me. Too bad my house doesn’t have a nice view of the fireworks. LOL.

Anyways, to all my awesomely retarded friends and family, I hope 2011 is a great year for you guys. 😉 If you wanna know all my thoughts, just read through the lyric of “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts (love that band!).

Let’s raise our glasses to the new year. Cheers!

The End of Another Eventful School Year



Wow! Look at that, it’s the end of my Form 2 school year already! The last day of school was pretty darn eventful and memorable… Not to mention incredibly busy and crazy… I think… Well, to quote Daughtry’s song “September”:

The years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain.

Bored out of my skull this morning, I took some time to reflect on the year. Did I do everything I planned to do? Well, let’s see. I didn’t join the public speaking contest, I didn’t get a place in the chess tournament, I didn’t get top three in class and I didn’t get distinction in my piano exam. So I guess it was a bad year.

On the other hand, I did meet some awesome new people, get halfway through my book, learn some valuable lessons, lighten up and move on. So on the whole it was a pretty good year.

Just listen to me, I sound like a bundle of contradictions!

It all depends on how you look at things… I could tell you the things I regret doing, things I regret not doing, or things that just didn’t go as planned. Or I could choose to tell you the things that worked out, the accomplishments I made, whether big or small, and short, amusing, heartwarming stories.

In the end, it’s all about how optimistic you are. Hey, remember, I said optimistic, not perky. Be a positive realist or something. Which sounds right to you – “glass half-full”, or “glass half-empty”? 

School this year was fun and full of surprises, and I’m sure we can all agree with that. I’m definitely gonna miss all my friends and seeing as I’m not going anywhere, it could get a little boring. But I don’t have any more work to do, and I’d much rather become a royal bum than toil around doing homework, projects and revision.

Once more, it’s all about how you look at things. 😉

Rock On!


Lately my friends and I have been on edge waiting for the premier of Camp Rock 2. Although I seldom visit Disney Channel, or any of the kids channels for that matter, I myself am very excited for its debut. We’re so excited for it, already jamming to “It’s On” and singing our hearts out to every line we can remember from ads and previews.

Is it surprising that I have a huge interest in this musical phenomenon? Not really. My friends and I have an extended history dealing with Camp Rock. It does bring back memories of earlier, more innocent (somewhat) days. Firstly, one of us watched it online before it even started showing in humble Malaysia and passed on its CD to us, so many of us got to see it early.

Secondly, in our final year of Primary School, we danced to “Start the Party”, one of the awesome tracks from the movie, during our Grad Night. Admittedly, the dance lacked that “oomph”, but with all the support we didn’t notice that! A couple of my friends also auditioned for the same night with another one of the Camp Rock songs, though it didn’t push through.

My best friend is also crazy over Nick Jonas, and since he’ll be in the movie on a bigger scheme, we’re all equally jumpy for her! The Jonas Brothers were my first favourite teen boy band at the time when they first appeared from almost nowhere in a Hannah Montana concert. I also happen to be a Demi Lovato fan.

Can’t wait for it to show here! I’m so gonna be watching it that September Sunday. Just as a reminder for my Standard 6 days. Sigh, good times, good times…

“Hey, remember when…”