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Lessons Learned from My Cats



Introducing… Kittie and Kuluu! These two were part of a three-kitten litter of a stray cat. Kittie, being the older sister, is your typical cat: Loves food, is (mostly) quiet, is attracted to anything that moves, doesn’t really care and is silent and graceful. Kuluu, on the other hand, is more like a dog in a cat’s body… She’d rather get carried and petted all day than finish her food, is extremely clumsy and has a strange sense of loyalty and has someone she can call her ‘person’. She likes to talk and always has something to say to whatever you say. Oh, and did I mention that she sings?

Based on first impressions, there isn’t much to Kittie. The first thing one might be reminded of when looking at her is your typical street cat, wondering around seemingly aimlessly. She shies away from strangers. But, get to know her, and you find that she is extremely adorable, sweet and enjoys a regular audience watching her cute, fluffy antics.

On the other hand, Kuluu is a natural charmer. She is very ‘pretty’ and will walk up to a stranger and start meowing at them, asking to sit on their lap. While all my friends think she’s extremely cute, I have been ‘lucky’ enough to be chosen as her person, and I can tell you the truth about all this.

Kuluu is actually really like that person everyone likes at first… Until you get to know him/her. She has lost all her innocence and is quite manipulative… for a cat. When she doesn’t get the attention she craves, she will tear at furniture, annoy her older sister or simply meow her head off! When she thinks nobody’s watching, she’ll do whatever she knows she isn’t allowed to do. As a person, she would be a total nightmare. Her sister is the one with that adorable innocence in her huge eyes.

Don’t we all know a person who we believed would be a great friend, and turns out they were exactly opposite? How many of us have been cheated on, betrayed or tricked by the obvious charmer? And how many later realized that the one we never bothered with is the one person who is an indispensable person, whether it’s a friend or a worker?

How much your two pets can make you think is surprising, isn’t it?