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Ohana = Family = No One Gets Left Behind


Some years ago, when I was six, Disney released its 42nd animated film, Lilo and Stitch. Being an innocent (and clueless) little kid in kindergarten at the time, I loved repeating “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind” as quoted by Lilo repeatedly during the whole movie.

I loved the movie, yes, but I didn’t fully understand it until many years later. And only in the past couple of years have I actually fully appreciated Lilo’s most commonly quoted phrase.

If home is where the heart is, then my home is with family. I wasn’t close to my family until I turned a teen (unusual, huh?), during the time when most kids turned away from their parents.

I have not seen some members of my family for nearly two years, and that’s far too long for me. It isn’t enough to email them monthly about school, or sms about the latest achievement, or call when I’m down, or chat when I have a cool story to tell. It isn’t enough. I want to see them. I miss them.

Hopefully this year. Yes, this year.

Now, time to snap out of emo mode and compose a monthly email to my aunt…


Rock On!


Lately my friends and I have been on edge waiting for the premier of Camp Rock 2. Although I seldom visit Disney Channel, or any of the kids channels for that matter, I myself am very excited for its debut. We’re so excited for it, already jamming to “It’s On” and singing our hearts out to every line we can remember from ads and previews.

Is it surprising that I have a huge interest in this musical phenomenon? Not really. My friends and I have an extended history dealing with Camp Rock. It does bring back memories of earlier, more innocent (somewhat) days. Firstly, one of us watched it online before it even started showing in humble Malaysia and passed on its CD to us, so many of us got to see it early.

Secondly, in our final year of Primary School, we danced to “Start the Party”, one of the awesome tracks from the movie, during our Grad Night. Admittedly, the dance lacked that “oomph”, but with all the support we didn’t notice that! A couple of my friends also auditioned for the same night with another one of the Camp Rock songs, though it didn’t push through.

My best friend is also crazy over Nick Jonas, and since he’ll be in the movie on a bigger scheme, we’re all equally jumpy for her! The Jonas Brothers were my first favourite teen boy band at the time when they first appeared from almost nowhere in a Hannah Montana concert. I also happen to be a Demi Lovato fan.

Can’t wait for it to show here! I’m so gonna be watching it that September Sunday. Just as a reminder for my Standard 6 days. Sigh, good times, good times…

“Hey, remember when…”