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In my previous entry, I mentioned the book I’m writing… I’ve actually been working on it since I was 11, then I gave it up because I lacked inspiration. The next year, I found it again, covered in dust, and worked hard on it. It was inspired by real life, by things happening to me and other people. The main character was inspired by me (of course) and the second main character (going by the nickname of Dom) was more of a figment of my imagination.

However, the next year (last year) an incident happened, causing me to lose my focus and abandon the book once more. When I did return to it during the year-end school holidays, I realized that my writing style had changed so much, my experience level had altered, causing the chapters of my story to ring untrue. Once more I was stuck, writing a story I could no longer believe in. So I re-read every chapter, changed info here and there, and when I finally had that settled, the next year had loomed in.

The book went well for the first half of the year, then my character Dom lost his direction in June. And I was stuck…  Again! Have you any idea how frustrating this whole thing was? I knew it the entire time, to write a character based on no one, uninspired and just simply made up out of thin air wasn’t going to get anywhere. I didn’t want to give up, but every day I stared blankly at the computer screen, my feeble attempts turned to dust with every word I forced myself to type.

I met a few people since then, tried desperately to find my inspiration. In vain. I decided to leave it be and let the inspiration come to me. So I did.

And this month, as I hung with my best friend, and a couple of guys, it hit me. Suddenly. As soon as I reached home I ran to my computer, and the entire chapter came tumbling out of me. Finally. Inspired. Dom wasn’t an empty character anymore. No, Dom’s not based entirely on anybody, nor is he an imprint of anybody I know. But at least now, I have an idea of Dom – he has a more fixed character now.

I don’t think I’m gonna get stuck again, not anytime soon. Thanks, guys, for being my inspiration. =D