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I confess to being a bead addict.

No, I don’t mean collecting beads in an album or something. I mean beading, as in, like, making jewelery, or sewing beads onto a piece of cloth in some randomly awesome pattern, or just stringing them onto a piece of thread and tying them around something.

I started this hobby – I dunno, a year or so ago? – when I wanted to make a bracelet for one of my friends and found that, despite my inability to remain still for more than a minute, I loved it. Even with my infamous impatience I found that I enjoyed the process.

And that’s how I started getting wrapped up in the tedious process of creating bracelets, earrings and necklaces (not to mention a few miserably failed rings) with thin elastic bands or sometimes flimsy wires. When I can’t get pretty (and pricey) beads from a bead store, I just cut them off of an old piece of jewelery that I have that is gathering dust since who knows when and that I will probably never wear again.

If worse comes to worst, I just pick up one of those super cheap beading sets for kids. Trust me, they don’t look anything like toddler’s beads once they’re on a pretty bracelet! 😀