Past the Superficial


I am sick of it. Just sick of it.

We’ve been taught since a young age, our head filled with that all-too-familiar cliché: Don’t judge a book by its cover(Which is strange, because I tend to judge real books by their covers… I mean, if I don’t wan a chic lit, I wouldn’t pick up the book with the picture of lipstick and a flower down the front, would I?). Many people quote it. Students study it. It’s the most common proverb ever mentioned.

Yet, I find that everyone makes the hurtful and mainly unconscious mistake of judging people by how they look. I don’t like people thinking me to be dumb or weak just because of how I appear. Most of these people don’t even know my name yet… So why are they judging me as if they’ve been acquainted with me all my life? It’s like (pardon the cliché again) the pot calling the kettle black!

It doesn’t do a lot to one’s self-esteem and… in short… it hurts. I just wish, just wish, that everyone could see past the superficial. And just to end this thing in such a way that you’ll roll you eyes, here’s another cliché:

Every caterpillar is a butterfly on the inside.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by earlier today. Yes, unfortunately lots of folks like to assume things about others before getting to know them. The “every caterpillar is a butterfly on the inside” may seem trite, but it’s true. Eventually, there comes a point where you know others will judge, but you own yourself anyways, and that’s all that matters.

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