Years ago, I wrote a poem entitled “Regrets” (no, I didn’t plagiarise Kenny Rankin’s song). Looking back on it now, I realize half the things I wrote about then do not matter to me anymore. An unspoken word, a bad test result, an experience I didn’t handle as well as I might have (half of them involve blowing up unexpectedly), a wrong decision.

There comes a time when it’s just the right moment to let things go. I’m not saying forget, of course not. Even things I’ve left in the past aren’t 100% buried in the dust. I do, sometimes, take them out of my memory box and think them through. What made me do that? What were my thoughts at the time? How can I make sure I don’t do something like that again? And if I did, in a blur of insanity, do something similar, what on earth is wrong with me?

But being serious now, there are a million things I could regret if I wanted to. I could, for example, regret my Grade 3 piano exam results (trust me, they weren’t the best) or the fact that I sprained my ankle in the worst way possible back in standard 1.

I could regret some words I’ve let slip out which I didn’t really mean when I wasn’t really thinking about it. I could regret the fact that I listened to some people and decided not to sing when I was younger. I could regret the fact that I’ve been laying off everything else I planned to do for the weekend being so wrapped up on writing this @#$!% blog post. Or I could regret that I didn’t read that book, or watch that movie, or get good marks, or…

The list goes on.

Why do we have to live with regrets? What’s done, is done. And there’s nothing you can do to alter the past (unless you’ve invented a time machine or something) or decide how it’ll affect your future. That’s all out of our hands. Think about it, do we really have time to regret and worry and fret? It isn’t right to dwell on things that have passed, and never get over it.

This is your life. What do you do with you life? You live it. DUH.

Live with no excuses, and love with no regrets. ~ Montel


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