The Funny Thing About Music


I love writing.

It’s not a secret, really. I’ve told stories that I make up as I go along in my younger years, and I’ve written many a tale since then; just weaving the words together gives me a satisfaction of some sort.

When I got my first guitar, I discovered a new way to express myself – through songs. I began to compose my own songs. The first few were pretty meaningless and now when I look back on them I laugh out loud. The next ones were where I experimented, trying to create the same types of songs I heard on the radio. Strange, writing about love when I didn’t even understand it yet.

Then I discovered the real beauty of songwriting. You know, expressing your deepest thoughts onto a page and putting a melody to it. Music (sorry for the corny, cheesy line) is what feelings sound like.

It’s funny. When we’re upset, whether we like music or not, we tend to listen to songs hat describe how we feel right at that point of time. Rarely have I found someone who, when feeling sad, puts on a happy song. Nope, they’ll sing their hearts out to one equally depressing. And no one in their right mind puts on “Hurt” by Johnny Cash when they’re up on top of the world. I mean, I know I definitely wouldn’t listen to “All By Myself” when I’ve just scored straight A’s on an exam. Not intentionally anyway.

That’s the strangeness of music, the way it can sort of comfort you in a way no one else can. When you’re pissed at life we’d listen to someone like Eminem. When you’ve been dumped you’d listen to a Taylor Swift song… which you might also listen to when you’re lovestruck.  And if you’re in need of some encouragement, you might listen to “Not Afraid”. But okay, enough with the examples. Now I’m just gonna put on my fave song and turn up the volume, and leave you with this thought…

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

~ E. Y. Harburg



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