So I’m sitting here in the school library. I’m a librarian, see, and since finals are over I have basically nothing to do aside from hang around like a royal bum. So on I go to social networking sites (namely FACEBOOK).

I remember that when last year I didn’t have any account aside from email and my friends bugged me to apply for FB. Against my better judgement I accepted this and decided to apply. And since then, I am not only a couch potato, I’m also on the computer a lot more than necessary.

Thinking about it, if I spent all this time that I use up staring at an inanimate computer screen on the piano, I would be the female version of Mozart. And if I spent all the time used up on the sofa watching the same NCIS rerun for the millionth time on that book I’m writing, I’d probably have finished it by now, and maybe another.

Still, even though I seem to be having an enlightening moment of realization… I don’t think I’ll be the next Mozart or an author working on her umpteenth book. After all, I’m still on the computer, ain’t I?


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