Monthly Archives: October 2010

From The Top of The World



Standing at 3500 feet above sea level, I gaze down upon the lavish greenery and looked across at all the other mountains. No longer tormented by a fear of heights, I find myself actually enjoying the view. It’s really beautiful. It’s so easy to forget yourself and everything else when you’re surrounded by nature, really. Especially when it’s so rare now. 

As we hike back down the mountain, I think about how nice it would be if a lot of the country was still full of lush greens (well, maybe minus the insects). We get into the car and drive all the way down. 

Much later, we reach the city and in an instant it’s like we’re in a different realm. Everyone honks, swerves, cuts into lanes and we’re thrown off guard by the mentality of the drivers. When we get to our service apartment and I glance out the window I’m greeted by a – and this is an understatement – hideous view of strewn trash and hazy skies. Everything else that could have been seen is blocked by skyscrapers; countless buildings that seem to only be competing with each other to see who can reach the heavens first. 

After the breathtaking landscape from the top of the mountain, I’m not so sure if I can get used to this. 

What if, one day, I trek back up the mountain (if it’s still there, that is) and look down and all I see are buildings and haze and cars and highways? Won’t it be a sorry thing for everyone else? Or maybe some people won’t even have gotten the chance to witness the beauty of the real natural environment (redundant, I know!). 

Well, all I can say is, I shall cherish nature while I can! =D