Monthly Archives: September 2010



At first, when the school bell rang, I felt like cheering along with everyone else. Did somebody say two weeks of holidays? Awesome! I couldn’t wait, was really glad I didn’t have to wake up early, finish homework and listen to lessons.

Now, second day in, the joy is dying away. Do you realize that no matter how much you want a holiday, you always miss school in the end? Exactly my point. There are friends, teachers and things about school that I’ll miss over the hols.

But at least I have time to finish that crazy history project. Over a hundred hand-written pages, mind you. And thanks to Facebook, I can K.I.T. with all my friends XDD. And we might have some time to go out and hang out. That’s what I love about holidays!

And nothing beats spending time at home with my mom. That’s a first, and the best part of holidays (after being a royal bum, of course!).