No Excuse for Running Red Light


Recently, I read an article in the newspaper about not allowing colour blind motorists to drive on the road because they won’t be able to see the changing colour of the traffic light. I find this very wrong. And I know what I’m talking about; I’m colour deficient. So I speak for all of us offended ones who see the world in dull shades.

When you’re born with a condition, you learn to deal with it, really. Simple as that. We grow up, somebody along the way is going to tell us that red is the light on top, and green the one at the bottom. Really. If no one tells us, we find out on our own. It’s just a way of learning to adapt, till it becomes so natural. Like, if you’re born with one leg, you’ve lived all your life like that, so even if it isn’t easy all the time, you can cope better than others. You adapt.

And yes, we can tell when the light changes colour, thanks very much. The light shines, and we can’t help but notice that. Not many people, even ophthalmologists, know much about colour blindness. Fact is, those Ishihara tests (the one where they make you tell them what number is in the circle) don’t work too well because even if we can’t see the colours properly, there is a difference in brightness and we detect that.

So, guys, next time you see anyone run a red light, don’t put it as colour blindness. That person is either just a reckless rule-breaker… or just plain ignorant.  😉


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