Confusing Ambitions



Recently, a friend of mine came up to me and started shaking me hysterically, telling me that she had been assigned an essay on her ambitions but she was torn between two choices, one being the more practical, the other involving being in the limelight. After trying (and failing miserably) to calm her down, I decided to try to figure out my own tangled ambitions.

One thing was sure, though, and that thing is MUSIC, the downright most important thing in my entire life. Definitely through piano, singing, guitar and song composition, I would get in to a Uni of Music. No doubt on that part of my dream. Although I enjoy performing and being the centre of attention at times, I would rather have a behind-the-scenes job than being the frontman, so I’d probably go into music production.

Aside from that, I have open options in a tangled up web. Like, I enjoy working with special kids. Strange as it may seem, while I am fitted with an atrociously short fuse, I seem to have infinite patience when it comes to these extraordinary children.

And I am forever working on a book of mine which I hope to publish after PMR too, since writing was my “first love”.

I think I’ll leave it at that for now, and wait till I’m older, then go wherever the wind take me. =)


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