Projects Galore…


Well, it’s that time of year again when high school students are forced into unmistakably loathed assignments… Also known as projects, folios, scrapbooks, etc. But no matter what name these detested things hide behind, one thing is clear: No student enjoys doing them. Period.

Given under the excuse of “They contribute to your PMR marks!” (which they do, not saying they don’t), projects are given most during the second half of the year, around the time of our 2nd monthly test, leading up to the finals. Some projects contribute marks to our finals, yes, and I don’t mind the extra credit. But finding the time to do these things under compulsory co-curricular activities and piles of homework is near impossible. Some even have to fit in extra classes!!! I mean, cut us some slack, will ya?

They come in masses: History (all 100 over pages handwritten, mind you), Art (just some paper bag designing thingy… I mean, is it even a PMR subject?), Geography (which involves annoying people as you probe into their lives under the clever disguise of “interviewing”), IT (presentation AND folio), Living Skills and Home Economics (cooking, woodwork, sewing… it’s pure torture, I tell you!), Civic (which involves stalking our neighbours), Moral, the list goes on and on. I could go on forever complaining about teachers who give a truckload of assignments with the single remark “That’s all” (to which we respond. “That’s all???”).

But honestly, if we didn’t have all these stuff to occupy us and keep us off the deadly addiction to Facebook, what would we do during our free time? I hear everyone complaining that they’re bored, what if we has absolutely no assignments to do? What would the devil choose to do with our idle hands? Where would we be?

After all, projects do contribute to our PMR and final exam scores, which is a very good thing. If I had to earn 100% by answering questions alone, I probably would flunk!

So on the whole, I guess projects aren’t that bad after all.

Wait, don’t I have a Civic project due tomorrow??? Shoot…!!!


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