Why I Decided to Start a Blog


Hi all! This is my first blog post, so go easy on me, k?

I guess all of us need a channel through which they express themselves. The same goes for me. At the same time, a lot of us like to be heard by others, to have someone to talk to.

I’m a writer, and I find that I can express what I’m thinking better through a pen dancing across the paper on would-be straight lines than from behind a computer, through a paintbrush or by using my own tongue. I admit, I find it somewhat difficult to express myself verbally (and often resort to my diary or to writing a song). But I felt like I still wanted some people to hear my thoughts. I have some sort of dire need to be heard and I like others to know my views.

That’s when it hit me… Why not start a blog?

So there you have it.



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